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Summer Collection 2021

A brand new Summer 2021 collection by Blueage, demonstrating a look to the 80 ́s as the cultural and aesthetic dawn of digital culture, combined with a summer tropical vibe characteristic. Styles are casual summer looks, Relaxed fits sui-table to enjoy hot weather. Men’s, Women’s and kids clothing summer collection of 2021 season with easy and everyday styling, focus on volume sleeve, tone in tone total look and fun styling on t-shirts.
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Ramadan Collection 2021

Blueage Ramadan collection 2021 was inspired by urban safari look like, updated in a streetwear way, with a clean and easy style elements through thoughtful details, fluid and comfy fabrics mixed in monochrome panels. Designs are decorated with microprints and Arabic prints with bronze metallic finishing. Men’s, Women’s and Kids smart looks with geometrical and symmetrical prints, smart looks with geometrical and symmetrical prints, mixed fabrics with lots of strings and fringes detailing, and with lots of patterns and prints with Arabic feel and touch.
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Mother & Daughter collection

We are certainly not immune at all to the charm of a little family coordination, and a little touch of matching clothing makes the cut. And if you are looking for that unique trend then you are in the right place, as Blueage is now dedicating special lines and collections to embrace this rapidly spreading global trend to match with your miniature version.
This kind of mother-daughter matching is getting more popular all the way. And in Blueage special collection, you can find a diversity of choices of casual wear clothing styles with cotton dresses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, Jellabiyas, and many more with fun and cheerful prints and pattern to embrace any occasion with your miniature version.
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Spring Collection 2021

Alongside military, varsity, workwear, nautical-themed clothing for men, with Floral, Prairie style, uptown girl style and nature roots for women all together formalizing Blueage Spring collection 2021. Styles are revisited through the shapes, colors and less literal, more sporty, playing with contrasted color palette and strong silhouette. Using paneling to accent in tonal or contrasting color. Different and various trendy and style options are all available if you are looking for Men’s, Women’s and kids Spring clothing.
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Sustainable Collection 2021

We at BA stand for style and our love for the environment. We are committed to create great fashion at the best price in a sustainable way, reducing our carbon footprint by using recycled materials. We strive that our Fashion have a positive impact. All our products are made with care and consideration for the people who make them and for the environment. Products of this collection is made of sustainable cotton with the aim to promote and support sustainable development and improving the livelihoods and economic conditions of the people in the cotton production areas. Styles options varies of sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts and other clothing garments for Men and Women.
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SADU Collection

Heritage is turned into fashion with Blueage Sadu collection of many choices of clothing garments for Men, Women and Kids. SADU is a traditional form of hand weaving art using geometrical shapes. Used by the Nomadic tribes in the gulf countries to weave their tents and furniture. They used sheep and camel wool and dyes derived from desert plants. The 'Sadu Collection' by Blueage reflects modernism and artisanal charm celebrating the cultural heritage of the region. Designs of Abayas, Farwas, Shirts, T-shirts and many more is a contemporary and relevant expression modern KSA.
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SADU Collection for Adults

Celebrating the cultural heritage of KSA, a unique collection of casual trendy clothing designs for adults Men and Women was launched with traditional Sadu prints and weave. Styles and design options were created exclusively for Blueage, as it draws inspiration from the ancient Saudi weaving technique known as Al Sadu with casual wear clothing garments numerous trendy options of T-shirt, Sweatshirts and Hoodies. In addition to the monochromatic, Sadu-inspired patterns, the collection also features the use of colorful arches in unexpected hues of deep teal, mustard and earthy terracotta.
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SADU Collection Unisex

A special Unisex Sadu collection was launched by Blueage, which varied between abayas decorated with the Sadu pattern, as well as shirts and trousers designed fashionably with a heritage touch that added an aesthetic dimension to these pieces. Blueage Sadu unisex Collection, the focus was on making the pieces suitable for the whole family and made of sustainable fabrics and environmentally friendly materials, with an introduction of simple elements of the Sadu pattern to reflect the purpose and goal of this collection.
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Semir Brand

Semir Brand, has become a leading brand in China's casual clothing industry. Its clothes are designed with a focus on vitality and fashion and there are nearly a thousand different ways to blend together various items of clothing, enabling Semir to always remain at the cutting edge of clothing fashion for young people. It endeavors to become a casual clothing brand that represents youth, vitality and fashion, With modern designs and advanced trends in men’s and women's clothing.
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Disney Collection 2021

A licensed popular collection with a sporty street style in which urban art floods garments with prints and colors. We are using pure palette of primary colors, where the red is one of the main colors and using our best seller sporty shapes updating small details like joggers, t-shirts, leggings and sweatshirts of men’s and women’s clothing. The effect of the graphic direction will be a sketch of the most popular character from Disney, Mickey and friends.
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