At Blueage we are looking to establish a new eco-friendly, aiming to create an eco-friendly system.
Sustainable fashion is part this new trend that takes care of all the stages of clothing manufacturing and focuses on the total 'carbon footprint' that leads to its creation.

A carbon footprint is the result of a person's direct actions and practices on the environment in relation to carbon dioxide emissions. It does not seem that it is a trend that is limited to the short term, but may continue in the future with the continued violations that occur against the environment and the increasing global awareness of the importance of protecting it.

Whereas in the fashion world previously environmental protection was limited to donating a portion of all sales to charitable causes, we as a fashion brand now incorporating eco-friendly methods into the manufacturing process through the use of eco-friendly fabrics and socially responsible methods, such as source of the fibers and their ability to regenerate, the process that turns raw fibers into fabric, and the working conditions that surround workers who make clothes at various stages.

Recycled fibers are made from leftover fabrics collected from factories and then spun into short fibers that are converted into new yarn Cotton in this case can be recycled by leftover fabrics with new yarn added to enhance its durability, to recycled cotton fibers with raw acrylic fibers added for color consistency and durability.

We as producers of this new fashion trend have resorts to use local resources that do not pollute the environment neither during the manufacturing process nor when disposing of them, and which take short shipping distances to reach the consumer, and started to introduce special collections with a number of sustainable styles, and embracing new sustainable practices that makes us sink into the spirit of the new era of eco-friendly fashion.

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