About us

 “adventurous spirit, Always young at Heart”

Blue Age is a fast fashion retail brand, up to date urban and street fashion brand for fashion savvy fans, The key attribute to the brand is latest fashion, affordable prices and optimum quality.

“Blue Age sells three lines of items, for women, men and children. Each of them has its own independent creative team”


 Blueage, a trade mark owned by the well-established Saudi Fashion Retail Group Al-Abdul Karim, one of the leading retail companies since 1957 in the Middle East and Gulf region.



Our creative team travels the world to bring in the best trends which are developed in real time by our design team and to guarantee a product which is always up to date.

Our garments are made of the finest quality and marketed at the most competitive price, we have also paid great attention to the details in our stores to ensure the most amazing shopping experience ever for our customers.



Brand Attributes

latest fashion, affordable prices and optimum quality to make young generations to enjoy and experience the latest international trends.

Modern Urban Sport

dressing young people who are engaged with their environment, who live in the community and relate to each other. 

All of Bluage’s designs are created by a highly crafted and experienced design team.